Security Patrols

Patrols are conducted by a uniformed officer, either in a marked patrol car or on foot, throughout a client’s property. The number of patrols are determined by the client, from only one up to multiple patrols per night. These roving visual inspections are performed at irregular and unexpected times, and in haphazard patterns, to prevent an intruder from predicting when the officer is going to appear.

Our officers patrol commercial and residential properties, business parks, construction sites, strip malls and the like. They typically check for intruders/trespassers, break-ins, vandalism, obvious weather damage, safety hazards, fires, and etc. Officers can also respond to alarms, escort night deposits, and may enter buildings for fire or equipment checks (if so contracted).

Careers With Carolina Security Patrol

Carolina Security Patrol is committed to serving, securing, and caring for the people and businesses in our communities. We are currently taking applications for Unarmed /Armed security officers for both Full-Time and Part-Time positions.

If you’d like to join our team contact us today for more information on getting started in an exciting new career.