What our clients say about us

Five Stars - Carolina Patrol has proven to be an excellent partner in our efforts to protect our employees and property. The officers display a high degree of professionalism. Uniforms are neat, pressed, and presentable at all times. I would highly recommend their services with no hesitation. Carolina Patrol has provided officers for special events & emergency coverage with very short notice, providing the same professional service we receive on a regular basis.

Richard Fein, C&C Corporate Director
Loss Prevention/Security

They are great and professional officers. Never seen anything like them. They are always on time; actually, they are at work before I even arrive. Highly-trained officers with professional looking uniforms. If you don't feel safe or secure, this company is right for you. I've had a different security company before, but they were no way near as great as Carolina Security. They are the best there is!

Jewelry store

Our Church would certainly call on Carolina Security Patrol again if the need arose. The officer from Carolina Security Patrol was professional and courteous. His visual presence in uniform and patrol car made our congregation feel safe and secure as they entered and exited our buildings. We got more than we expected in the thorough coverage of our facilities and the suggestions that Carolina Security Patrol made to help us make our buildings more secure. With Carolina Security Patrol's help, we were able to put an end to a spree of break-ins. The company did an outstanding job and I would highly recommend them.

Pastor Larry Redding
Glen Hope Baptist Church

BJL has used the services of Carolina Security Patrol for over three years now. They have been highly instrumental in keeping the Sunday traffic flow moving. CSP has done such a great job with our traffic control, that we have added foot patrol officers on the weekends.

The presence of their security team has brought a sense of tranquility to the many vendors and visitors. We honestly never really understood what security really could be, until we hired Carolina Security Patrol. Their officers are always on time, look & act professional, and always do an outstanding job. Previous problems that for years we just had to " live with" have now been more than 90% eliminated. Vendors feel safe & secure, and our hundreds of daily shoppers feel totally at ease, with never a safety concern.

All the previous security companies we've tried came nowhere near the excellence of CSP. We highly recommend them for your security needs. We are more than pleased with their performance. They are the best we've seen!

Alton Ellison, Site Manager
Buckhorn Jockey Lot

During the Mebane Harvest Build, a 10-day house build blitz , Carolina Security Patrol provided daily security on the Habitat for Humanity job site. They did an advance inspection to learn about the project, arrived early for service every day, monitored the job site during the hour we were away for lunch, and protected our assets professionally. We were at ease leaving our tools and materials lying out knowing that Carolina Security Patrol was watching over all. Thank you, Carolina Security Patrol!

Robin Wintringham
Habitat for Humanity

Carolina Security Patrol helped our company put an end to a series of burglaries at our business. First, a short term plan was developed which seemed to work by itself. Next, Carolina Security Patrol helped us develop a long term security plan and served as a security consultant. Weaknesses in our security were identified, prioritized and corrected. The patrol officer was always professional and friendly. I would recommend Carolina Security Patrol for anyone needing immediate security assistance or long term security planning.

D. Allen Hughes, President
Piedmont Geotechnical, Inc. PA

"Carolina Security Patrol provided security for one of the main locations in The Harrow movie production while the psychological thriller was filmed in Burlington, NC. We were very pleased with their flexibility and willingness to accommodate a changing production schedule on short notice. I would highly recommend Carolina Security Patrol and will definitely use their services again, when the need arises." Jill Hammergren, Production Unit Manager, The Harrow and owner of the Raleigh-based visual storytelling company, The Media Pro.

Jill Hammergren
The Media Pro

Careers With Carolina Security Patrol

Carolina Security Patrol is committed to serving, securing, and caring for the people and businesses in our communities. We are currently taking applications for Unarmed /Armed security officers for both Full-Time and Part-Time positions.

If you’d like to join our team contact us today for more information on getting started in an exciting new career.